Bone Straight Hair or a Business Analysis Course

Bibi’s Dilemma: Bone Straight Hair or a Business Analysis Course?

Hello, My name is Bibilomo and I have a dilemma. But first, let me introduce myself. My friends call me Bibi or Bibs for short. I don’t know what my enemies call me because I don’t have any. I am a cool, calm and collected young girl living the life in her late twenties.
Most of my friends say I am a big girl because of my chilled disposition to life and also because I work as an accountant to one of the top FMGC in Lagos, Nigeria. Maybe it is because I live in a2 bedroom apartment in a choice area in Gbagada. What they don’t know is that I earnN200,000 per month. It is not as much as you would expect an accountant to earn but hey, this is Nigeria. I have learnt to accept what I can’t change. I have also been getting support from my amazing family. I don’t know what I will do without my support system.
Back to my dilemma. You see, 2020 has been a really crazy year for me and everyone in the whole universe. Well, the whole universe because I don’t think corona virus can survive in Mars. Who would have thought the year would go the way it did? *rolls eyes*
Anyways, I have decided to reward myself with the much-coveted bone straight hair. Ghen Ghen! A whole 36 inches bone straight wig because this life is just one and this girl must slay for Christmas. Every Folake, Tola and Kafayat plus their friends currently want bone straight hair. It is every woman’s dream. There is just something about that long, silky, luscious straight hair that makes us feel so beautiful and confident. The way we move and walk whenever we are wearing that bone straight hair is even different.
Just in case you haven’t noticed, check out every girl wearing bone straight hair. Their shoulders are straighter, there is a look of “I am not your mate” on their faces. Tbh, they are no tour mates because bone straight hair is only for big girls. Also, when ladies feel good inward, we tend to project it outwards and it improves our self-esteem.
On the other hand, there is this professional course I want to take that will improve my chances for a promotion and open doors to other opportunities for me. I have decided to transition into the tech space because tech is the new oil. My friend and co-worker James has done this same course and advanced in the company even though we got in at the same time. He has transitioned into the tech industry and recently bought a house in Lekki. He even drives expensive cars now and is very proud. He has started raising his noise up in the air and acting like assistant Jesus.
I know you are about to judge me, but the thing is, 2020 has taught me that man proposes, God disposes. Basically, you can make all the plans in this life, but corona virus can happen any freaking time and rain on your parade. I know I shouldn’t compare myself with James because men usually spend less than women, but I can’t help it.
The other day, I was discussing with my Joke and Lara, my girlfriends and we were calculating what we spend monthly. Let’s just say the amount of money spent on beauty supplies, sanitary products and the lines have become outrageous. At the end of the month, we barely have enough money left to invest. But it’s not like it is our fault. If we earned more, we would be able to spend more.
I have decided to start a new side gig in the new year. I have also decided to learn digital skills like digital marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, Facebook ads, google analytics, because I know that it’s going to be very useful for me and my business.
Also, I want to be among the top decision makers in my company and earn a seat at the table, but I cannot do that without the necessary qualifications.
I know I’m supposed to invest in myself, but it’s detty December, and I want to have fun. I can just imagine the look on everyone’s face when I walk into my company’s Christmas party in that green dress, I picked from an Ikeja Boutique with my silky bone straight hair. Chai! I would be the center of attraction and even Jake, the most handsome guy in the IT department would admire me.
This professional course costs N150,000 and the bone straight hair costs nothing less than N200,000. Unfortunately, I only have about N120,000 in my bank account. It is only enough to cover one thing.
What do I do? Which should I go for? The Professional Course or the Bone Straight Hair?

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