Our Value

Our Values

Heels & Tech offers Training and Mentorship on in-demand Technological roles by connecting women with Industry Professionals. We are the bridge between Women and Seasoned Tech Instructors which allows individuals, several options to learn skills that will aid career growth, development, or transition.

We understand how tough it can be to live the life you constantly dream of. Our desire to help you take control of your future contributes to one of the reasons we built Heels & Tech.
We know every woman’s story is different. With this, we try not to be too rigid to the best of our abilities.

The world already as it is, is hard enough. We believe a bit of humour makes learning enjoyable.
We love to have fun as much as we love to work. We ensure our Instructors make learning as fun as possible.

We love bold women! It’s a man’s world they say. More reason why we foster an environment of boldness in our community.
We know we are nurturing future entrepreneurs and Tech founders. Our innate bold nature as a start-up reflects the essence of our brand.

We believe strongly in Innovation because it births opportunities and convenience. Heels & Tech is a solution-driven brand. We are always seeking new and different ways to make our student’s experiences more convenient.

We aim to shape the future of women in tech by providing a platform where Tech skills can be learned and taught easily.
We mentor our students to be leaders by not just seeking new jobs. But also creating jobs by identifying gaps in the market that can become potential products.
We are very passionate about our students building future global Tech companies. Our instructors also get to hone their leadership skills by constantly engaging students.

We are deliberate about results. This constitutes one of the major reasons we decided to stick to Cohort Learning.
We want students to get their investment worth by finishing their courses. We could as well as be a self-paced learning platform that is readily avail- able everywhere.
But seeing the statistics and results of individuals who do not end up completing their courses (this is at an all-time high). We knew Heels & Tech had to be a Cohort based platform.

Research has shown that women in Tech often won’t apply for a job if they don’t feel they are 100% qualified or have exactly the right experience. The result of this is women moving horizontally while men progress forward in Tech roles. Part of what we do at Heels & Tech is to provide a safe space where we can mentor women in honing their skills and utilizing their full capabilities in all opportunities.

Our Vision is to close the gender gap between women and technology, by fostering a community where transitioning to Tech or advancing in Tech roles is straight forward and seamless.

Why Cohort Learning?

Our cohort learning is a platform of collaborative style connecting you with tech resources and world class Instructors to acquire new skills in groups.
Studies shows that the finish rate of self paced programs are extremely low, somewhere between 4-5%, but with Cohort learning, course completion is much higher, between 80-90% which in turn gives more value for your investment.
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Course: Salesforce Administrator Course

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Course: Product Design

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Course: Data Analytics

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Course: Business Analysis

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Course: Product Marketing

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Course: Product Design

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Course: Business Analysis

Congratulations to the Winners