May 2022

Every day, hundreds of women are leaving the "tech is just for men" bandwagon, and starting a beautiful career in tech. At one point in their lives, these women felt that chasing a career in tech was impossible and a trap for some major frustration.  Slowly, but steadily, women are trooping into the tech industry and even outdoing their male counterparts.

One of our students who happens to be a Canadian immigrant has landed a big-time job as a Product Analyst after taking our Business Analysis course. It is always a joy to share these stories with you; we hope they inspire you.  With our help, many women across Africa have risen above societal constructs. Some of these women are stay-at-home moms, fresh

Accounting and tech seem to us as a very lovely duo. How was Feyisara able to do it? In most Nigerian universities, accounting ends on book and paper, and maybe a digital spreadsheet. So, an accounting graduate (who has no external training) will most likely not be tech-inclined or hone any tech skill related to accounting.  The amazing lady whose story you

We love to tell our students transition stories. Here's a story about an engineering graduate who successfully transitioned into tech. Our women are goal setters and goal getters. It is always beautiful watching our students finish their training and land jobs in an industry they love. Not just any jobs, but really cool paying jobs. You don't want to miss Miriam's story!

Look who sweetly merged the entertainment industry with the tech industry to build a beautiful career for herself. You guessed right, Zeila! Ta-dah!! Women are nailing it across all sectors. We've seen women who were lionesses in other industries transition into tech beautifully. We have even seen some of these women merge their tech careers with their previous careers in a fantabulous way!  Tech

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Congratulations to the Winners

Name: Oluwatoyin Ajibade
Course: Salesforce Administrator Course

Name: Nonso Ogini

Course: Product Design

Name: Bilqis Apole
Course: Data Analytics

Name: Gladys Gordon
Course: Business Analysis

Name: Adesina Glory
Course: Product Marketing

Name: Ajayi Omotoyosi
Course: Product Design

Name: Sam-Mbok Ruth
Course: Business Analysis

Congratulations to the Winners