How the Recent Facebook Changes Impact Your Business

How the Recent Facebook Changes Impact Your Business

In September 2011, Facebook, the largest social network on the Internet, provides a number of recent changes. Many organizations are not satisfied with the new features of Facebook, however, the various companies configurations and types of interaction with total transparency with potential customers, have been designed that way. It’s time for organizations to include tweaks that gives users an improved experience. Here is a list of the current adjustments that the company must take into account.

Like Button and comments on Facebook pages

Current changes have reduced the importance of the button. Each Facebook member can now leave a faucet on one side or the organization logo, but not “like” the page. Commerce, a significant deviation from the rule of “commenting” negotiations on much more open customer brand pages (customers). However, you can create a great moderation problem, because each and everyone will be able to comment on a company’s website, when you need it.

Some advertising professionals accept as true “I like” received the interaction of the logos of lawyers and conversion; They believe that the pages are actually more applicable and useful, because all comments on a plaque.

Mobile Marketing

Every month the use of mobile devices to more than 350 million people go to Facebook. Most agencies in this segment have to forget that creating a Facebook marketing campaign. New precise that recent changes have provided new enhanced mobile advertising capabilities, including a Facebook application for its Facebook iPad application, not smart phones. The Facebook engineer said Luke Shepard in a blog on social networks today, said: “Now, you can easily reach 350 million people who use Facebook every month on a mobile device with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Our mobile web page. “Mobile marketing greatly affects your business. It is important for businesses to establish a cellular model on their website so that users do not have to visit a site that is now not optimized for small screens taste terrible.

New subscriptions

The “subscribe” button allows customers to make their stories made to the news channel. You can choose something from your page for updates, critical updates or all updates from the world of business friends and Facebook pages. With the subscription button, users control what their updates see. Your updates are now relevant to users, it’s more important than ever.

Character limit for status updates

Replace popularity has increased from 420 to 5000 characters. In this way, groups with high percentages of content materials with long duration traffic to your website or those who investigate your news updates.


Facebook pages are open for conversion. Through advertising, more people will go and increase the scope of the comments. This fantastic contribution to the Emblem’s attention is one side of an active logo and creates value for the business is the ability to communicate instantly with current and potential customers.

News bar and live images

The “latest” and “Top News”, “Top Stories” and “recent stories” replace. The stories of the source of information objects are made by the consumer, as well as photos, images and updates of the reputation on the move. Unfortunately, for many groups of specialists have pointed out in social advertising and marketing Facebook provide more priority to new messages from friends that consumer organizations have “cherished.”

Due to changes that users will have more than what is being tested management; Agencies to eliminate, in principle, without offering high quality content in all likelihood – not just your business business in each neighborhood Translate profile due to the fact that customers and potential customers do not see. To maintain visibility, groups need to spend more time convincing the developing messages they are with the customers and potential customers they have received.

A real-time symbol at the top right of a person’s live profile positions in real-time displays. All users will see the symbol. Serve Owed seen on the money that may be enough for it to work.

A symbol is a place for new hobbies and the light of witness. Enough information for the agencies is any action a user on a fan page will display on the symbol. An organizational screen, get a new life every time someone makes a train on them; The book will be republished on the ticker in your friends. The companies that make them attractive the problems grow the possibilities of their messages seen by friends lovers of Quote.

Data access

Facebook parameters are provided statistics for private users expanded to improve first-class targeting within the Facebook advertising platform. The new record company in the Timeline and Ticker has the highest presence of permit applications throughout the documents accessible to Facebook and companies that use their promotional offers.

Facebook settings are designed to transfer more interaction, integration and exchange. A Facebook page of people-oriented and enjoyable consumer need a line of virtually all marketing and advertising strategies.


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