7 mistakes Google made updating my Google Wifi router

7 mistakes Google made updating my Google Wifi router

Among the new mesh router systems self-update their firmware (router running gadget). At the same time as that is a huge leap forward from the horrific vintage days, wherein the undertaking fell to the router owner, it’s most effective the first step.

On my router protection website, I’m going into the distinction between self-updating firmware accomplished right and carried out wrong. With that in mind, right here is what went wrong when my google wifi router up to date its firmware.


My first gripe is that the software program update changed into a wonder. There has been no warning ahead of time, both that and replace changed into available, or that it became approximately to be hooked up. In the evaluation, the euro app tells you that a firmware update is available well earlier than the update is routinely installed. The display screen shot below shows the google ios app informing me after the truth that it had updated the router software (the display screen shot changed into taken may additionally 6th).

Google wifi notification Michael Horowitz/dig
That is made worse by the truth that I explicitly requested to be notified. The screen shot under, of the google wifi ios app, (version 2.2.Eight) suggests that I had opted into all their email notices. I have to be notified about updates, new functions, and product announcements. But, while push got here to shove, no email.

Google wifi electronic mail notices Michael Horowitz/dig
Then there may be the timing. The software replaces changed into installing at 5:55 pm. When you consider that google does not provide the router proprietor a preference as to while the update happens, they need to default to running the update in the middle of the night. 5:55 pm looks as if a certainly horrific default time of day. Others have griped approximately this too; one grievance turned into that “google wifi just rebooted in the middle of my workday whilst on a VoIP name.” sun shades of home windows 10.

The ios app is likewise buggy. More than two days after the firmware update, the app said that the router was walking model 9202.35.Eight released back in march. It wasn’t until later in the day, that the app correctly mentioned that the software program turned into model 9334.Forty-one.3.


What’s new in this firmware launch? None of your commercial enterprise.The hyperlink inside the app to “more information” (at the bottom of the first display screen shot above) is a rip-off. There are not any greater details, only a usual listing of tech aid articles.

The 2 sentences in this display shot are the most effective available documentation.

3 days after the router was up to date, I couldn’t discover any documentation on the net. At help.Google.Com, I searched for “9334.Forty-one.3” and the simplest result became a piece of writing approximately the prior version of the software program. The quest picked up that web page because it has an index of related pages that covered this one: google wifi & hub software program version 9334.41.Three. But that page is not firmware documentation, it merely details open source licenses.

Taking a step lower back, looking for firmware documentation must no longer be vital. Every router supplier should have a single net page with a firmware replace history that we are able to bookmark.

For euro routers, the web page zero software program release notes are precisely this. At the principle product page for the Netgear orbit rbk50, in case you click on firmware and software program downloads, then on view previous versions, you can see the firmware history.

My final gripe is set one of the sentences that serve as release notes. That the update consists of “popular balance and overall performance enhancements” is, frankly, insulting. In fairness, this appears to be an enterprise norm. The final 3 firmware releases for euro all contained “numerous computer virus fixes and reliability improvements.” Netgear does the identical; each of the last 3 orbits firmware releases “fixes bugs and security issues.”

Those mesh router systems are customer gadgets and that appears to imply that the client has no right to understand what’s occurring. Maybe these organizations don’t suppose their clients care. Maybe they do not think their clients can apprehend technical issues. Maybe the companies are simply lazy. Perhaps they don’t need to air their dirty laundry in public.

Their refusing to come back clean approximately bugs stands in stark assessment with the behavior of per link, my desired router seller. Take, for example, the discharge notes for model 6.3.Three of the firmware for my preferred route, their surf Soho.

Model 6.3.3 changed into the give up of the line for version 6, and, as such, it was mostly a bug restore launch. The resolved problems phase lists seven constant bugs, each of which has a tracking number. The regarded problems section files troubles that aren’t yet fixed.

No one expects software program to be perfect. Peplink comes easy and that’s the first-rate way to earn consider. From a protective computing angle, consider subjects greater than wi-fi speed and range.


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