5 Apple Watch tricks you’ll want to use

5 Apple Watch tricks you’ll want to use

The phrase, “hidden in simple sight” has grown to be a cliché, but the one element humans continually forget is that clichés are handiest clichés due to the fact they happen plenty. Apple watches suggestions are not any exception. How can a device you put on on your wrist have so many hidden features?

Right here are some greater you may not have visible before:

Quiet light

In an assembly, need to realize the time, however, don’t need to seem too rude through raising the watch on your face? Why now not lightly flip the digital crown, in an effort to lightly illuminate the watch face so you can glimpse the time surreptitiously? (one purpose why no longer is probably that this feature is most effective to be had on collection 2 or later watch fashions).

The decision feature everybody neglects

Receiving a call but don’t want to take it on your watch? Whilst the decision notification seems in your apple watch display screen just flip the virtual crown a touch so you see the lower a part of the notification display screen. Tap answer on iPhone and Siri will inform the caller to attend even as you retrieve your phone. (from here).

Proportion location

On the manner to fulfill someone? In case you’ve arranged the meeting the use of messages you can quickly let humans understand where you are by means of starting the communication thread in the messages app, pressure touches the message and tapping the ship location button. Now the man or woman you are meeting may be able to watch wherein you are till you attain them.

Smooth mute

Get a call when you can’t take it? Simply vicinity your palm over the apple watch face to mute the call. (you have to enable this in my watch>sounds & haptics>cowl to mute.)


Those tapping sensations you feel when the usage of maps to get someplace? They’re trying to help you – this is what they mean:

  • Two taps thrice: turn left
  • Twelve consistent faucets = flip properly
  • Long vibration: you’ve arrived.


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