EU’s Vestager Says Analysing Facebook Reply To WhatsApp Probe

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EU's Vestager Says Analysing Facebook Reply To WhatsApp Probe

The head of EU competition Margrethe Vestager said Wednesday that he has submitted to the WhatsApp Facebook messaging service response to the cost of the social network that misleading information was verified that translate into a strong fine for the company during its can offer.

The European Commission said in December last year that Facebook’s statements are not correct in a $ 22 billion regulator’s review in 2014 when it said it could not fiduciary accounts users of both companies,

However, this timing is not technically possible, said European Competition Commissioner to Facebook to defend until 31 January.

“We now have the answer to Facebook and now to analyze” Vestager told lawmakers at a hearing of the European Parliament.

The company is based on profit before 2015 a fine of up to 1 percent of total turnover, or about $ 179 million

Microsoft has a penalty of 561 million euros (2013) suggested promise to break competition defense and emphasizes the seriousness of procedural violations of the Commission.


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