Apple, Google, Facebook Skip Legal Challenge To New Trump Travel Ban

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Apple, Google, Facebook Skip Legal Challenge To New Trump Travel Ban

Google and Facebook are part of more than 60 technology companies that appear to have withdrawn from the legal battle against the controversial travel ban US President Donald Trump to decide not to take into account his weight behind a suit put the second version of Its block decree.

A brief in a federal court in Hawaii on Tuesday on behalf of the Silicon Valley companies submitted the support was provided by 58 companies, less than half of the 127 signers of a similar application, filed last month in the Court of Appeal after Of the first executive order Trump, the number of countries, security risk management posed says.

Airbnb, Dropbox, and the boot pedal are among the companies that signed the letter.

Major technology companies that signed earlier efforts, but are not part of this week, including Microsoft, eBay, Intel, Netflix and Twitter.

The application can be successful despite losing the clear support of these big names. District Judge Derrick Watson, Honolulu, highly ordered Wednesday executive order suspending Trump, whose goal was to enter the United States temporarily by the majority of refugees and travelers from six countries to ban the Muslim majority. The top is temporary.

Trump said he needed the ban on US national security, and Watson’s order that “to come to an unprecedented act.”

Technology companies with other industries working in highly skilled, in general, have played a major role in the proper effort to stop the first version of the Trump Executive Order, which has been suspended by a judge in Seattle in early February.

It was not immediately clear why a smaller number of them signed the “friend-of-the-court” time check.

Businesses have the opportunity to participate in the effort as it moves through the judicial system, said Robert Atkins, a New York lawyer and co-author of the paper. “We expect the group to grow.”

Uber the vehicle transit in the process of adding his name was, said a spokesman.

Box Inc., a file-sharing service, said that although he did not sign the letter, his position has not changed.

A spokesman for Twitter said that the company’s initial early ban trump travel statements in January are opposed, but declined to comment further. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment.

Representatives from Apple, Google, eBay, Intel, Microsoft and Netflix did not immediately respond to requests for comments.


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