Airtel, Ookla React To Reliance Jio’s Allegations of Misleading Claims

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Airtel, Ookla React To Reliance Jio's Allegations of Misleading Claims

To say that the telecommunications industry is highly competitive in India would be a euphemism. Things heat up only with the entry of a major new player, Reliance Jio, last year. Since regulatory campaigns to stop the movement of competition plans to meet their rival start each week is a variety of movements seeking to restore the status quo balance. Introduce the current controversy – Reliance Jio citing the ASCI Ookla Airtel faster classification of the mobile network to use in advertising is misleading.

Jio has filed a complaint against Airtel’s Advertising Promotion Council (ASCI) campaign on Monday, claiming that the recent statement that Airtel Ookla “the fastest mobile network for 2016” to, Is “false, misleading and incorrect.”

Jio in his complaint to ASCI said Ookla no accreditation from the Indian government. The operator added that Ookla is not a charity and is actually in connivance with Airtel. Jio also said that he informed his Ookla “flawed evidence.” However, said Jio, price mention in the current Airtel promotional material mislead the public stated Jio: “The way the public prize believes Airtel cheated like the Faster network today, that is when the screen projected. ”

As expected, both Airtel and Ookla responded to the appeal launched by Reliance Jio now high profile to ASCI.

Ookla, the company behind the popular Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest tool, defended its methods and test data. He said, “Airtel is consistently behind its designation as” the fastest mobile network in India. “In another statement made by mail sent to a 360 device, the company added. Imprint” absolutely wrong and we did not receive, no “We have also seen that Jio commented that Speedtest intentionally released” with deceptive results “, and have Served “Legal Communication Jio.”

Airtel said “the allegations made against the campaign are quite amusing,” saying that Jio’s allegations are “a deliberate attempt to malign [his] brand and confuse consumers with a disinformation campaign.”

In analyzing markets such as India, many factors are taken into account, including dual SIM devices, networking technology, device types, and more. Using data from Q3 and Q4 2016 Airtel Ookla as “the fastest mobile network” of the so-called India. In addition to what the user sees in his mobile application, during a real-time exam, we are strict when the data is aggregated using a variety of internal data sources that control the methodology of the potential variability of the market.

We are always improving the way we collect and analyze more information about our implementation speed will allow Ookla to accurately reflect the performance of the Internet. We have taken into account dual SIM card information and we fully agree that Airtel called “the fastest mobile network in India.” India is a dynamic market with a rapid change in the mobile landscape and hope to see how the market develops.

Airtel is one of the most trusted and most respected brands in India. We are also proud to receive the highest standards of governance and transparency have been recognized by internationally recognized institutions such as Transparency International.

Our new advertising campaign based on the results of Ookla, the world leader in speed tests and diagnosis through the Internet. Ookla’s findings are based on a rigorous and extensive test on millions of devices and uses the best analytical data.

We are very happy about the charges against our country. We believe this is a deliberate attempt to smear our brand and deceive customers through a disinformation campaign, something we now see on a regular basis, especially on social media platforms.


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